Criss Waddle To Bail Out Fameye From OgidiBrown Music “OGB” As They Both Had A Secret Meeting

The AMG Business founder and CEO has shown interest in the fastest growing artist Fameye from OgidiBrown “OGB Records” as they both had a secret meeting without media presence to know what transpired at the meeting.

The AMG Business CEO posted on his social media platforms sighted by Ghtrendinglinks; quoted “I had a meeting with Fameye yesterday and the end result was nothing but success”

Unquote, it’s seems there’s going to be another signing on the AMG Records Label because from the CEO’s point of view there’s going to be a breaking news as soon as possible. Urging all our readers to kindly stay glue to his media platforms.

GhTrendingLinks will be bringing you all the necessary information from the camp of AMG Record Label by Criss Kweku Waddle.

Below is the screen short

Eddie Nak, Researcher, GhTrendingLinks

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