Covid-19: Americans Showered Praises On President Akuffo Addo, Ask Ghanaians For Exchange of Presidents

Ever since the coronavirus broke out in Ghana, Nana Addo’s effort to slow the spread of the virus and the fight against Covid-19 has attracted lots of attention and admirations from some African countries and Europe.

Most of them admired the rate at which Nana Akufo-Addo kept addressing his people and updating them on the status of the nation with regards to the virus and the various measures that have been put in place.

One thing that is trending him the most is a statement he made in his last speech to Ghanaians on Covid-19 lock down, he said ‘“We know how to bring our economy back to life but do not know how to bring our dead people back to life… so stay at home.

In a tweet chanced on by that is also fast trending, a American filmmaker and director Julie Cohen was seen calling Americans to see what Ghana’s president said in his speech about how they can bring back the economy but not the lives they will lose, her post attracted wellknown pages and personalities (Chart Africa, Lindsay Boylan), Americans and Africans under her  shower praises on Ghana’s government.

One comment that caught many attentions was one American who asked and I quote ‘Can we hire him?  Even on a part-time basis, he’d be better than what we have now’.  

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