[Coup D’état Brouhaha] Rwanda Used Cutlasses As A Weapon During Their Coup D’état, Ghana Must Grow Beyond Politics.

Maame Dede writes;

I heard people saying “How can a local gun be used to over thrown a government”, I saw couple of post from social media making fun of the situation; seriously!

We should remember that it doesn’t take a day for such ‘paraphernalia’ to happen, what if the security agencies ignored the information they got and those guns were manufactured in dozens, what do u think would have happened?

Does anyone remember the coup in Turkey?  It was ‘military coup’ that took 300 lives and 2100 injured in 2016, are we waiting for the same thing to happen before we realised it seriousness?

An in-depth look at the key issues surrounding the recent coup attempt that shook Ghana few days ago has attracted couple reaction being it funny and thoughtful discussions from Ghanaians.

Even in Rwanda what did they use to mess the country up “CUTLASS” did they needed guns, is a BIG NO. It’s not about whether it would have succeeded or not, it does not mean they cannot succeed in destabilizing the nation, even if it’s for an hour.

Politics has succeeded in stealing the common sense of people, some of the people we used to respect.  Apparently, talk is cheap in Ghana, very cheap.

Must we defend everything because we in opposition or in government? Sometimes I wonder who the media offers the microphone.

In South Korea, the youth used WhatsApp message, just one WhatsApp message, and the demonstration changed policies….

Politics has clouded the clear vision of the people. Ghana must grow beyond Politics.

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