Chelsea’s Away goal Gives Madrid An Advantage – Arsene Wenger With An Interesting Line Of Argument

Former manager of Arsenal Football Club, Arsene Wenger has gotten lots of eyebrows raising after he said Chelsea’s away goal against Real Madrid is more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

His assertion is in sharp contrast with what normally happens; when two teams, after the 2 legs have equal number of goals, the away goal becomes the decider.

Chelsea playing a 1:1 draw with Real Madrid at the Alfredo de Stefano staduim would have meant that they have an advantage over Madrid.

Arsene Wenger however thinks otherwise, propounding the “psychological problem theory”.

According to him, Chelsea has a psychological problem of deciding whether to defend and get a draw and go through to the next stage or go into the game with the mindset of winning the game.

To him, this dilemma in itself is a disadvantage to the Chelsea team.

“What is interesting in the Champions League is that you always have in the second game a psychological problem to sort out,”

“If you’re the manager of Chelsea now you go home tonight and you have to convince your players to adopt a strategy in the second game.
“So I say, will you try to get 0-0 or will you try to win the game
.” He told beIN Sports.

He went on to explain that Madrid will walk into the game knowing exactly what to do; win the game. So that job is clear and that is an advantage to them.

“Because Madrid is in a different situation psychologically. They go to Chelsea and even if they score a goal it doesn’t change too much, they just play.” Wenger said.

He concluded that when players are not having clear direction on what to do the find themselves in troubles.

“You are always be in trouble when the way to behave is not clear. Because the lack of clarity gets the players in between two [mindsets]. He concluded

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