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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Checkout The Murderous Reply Of A Gang To An Icon Who Said Erica Will Be Dumped By Kiddwaya After The Buzz

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If you are regular audience of this platform you might known that Erica recently came out to share with the public how much she missed Kiddwaya.

Kiddwaya replied Erica with a positive energy.

The fans of the couple went gaga on social media as many saw it as their dream of seeing the two married is finally nearing.

Especially when kiddwaya replied with an emoji that looks like a wedding ring.

One rival fan, Oyo Omale however could not contain the heat from the Kiddricans and decided to throw shades.

His shots disappointingly did not land well as a Kiddwaya’s fan, Daniel Enonche took him to the cleaners.

According to Daniel, he shouldn’t make it look as if it’s always dependent on a man to call a relationship quit.

A woman can equally end a relationship.

” The presumption that Kidd is the one that has the power to end things in their nascent relationship is laughable”

” FYI, girls break men’s heart too” he said

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