Popular Twi-English translator for Rev. Obofour set social ablaze with her photos on her birthday.

The beautiful lady who is only identified as Kamsi is known for her impeccable and form control over the queen’s language.

The lady has been the translator for Rev. Obofour’s Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) and has caught the eyes of many with her oratory and interpretative skills.

Little did the public know how beautiful Kamsi is. Social Media was completely stunned after she released really captivating pictures to celebrate herself on her birthday.

The pictures have since gone viral with many likening her beauty to that of a slay queen.

Her choice of colours of purple and yellow which matched with her light skin, simple make up, her gold necklace and wristwatch coupled with beaming smiles gave her a very captivating look.

Our team has taken the pains to get more photos of the fine orator.

Below are some

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