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Checkout An SHS Female Student’s Erotic Letter To Her Teacher ‘Crush’ That Is Making Everyone Talk

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The talks about how teachers are lured to bed by students but later get sectioned are very less in our public discussions.

The attention is often on why the teacher has to have sexual affairs with his or her students without considering the situation.

This will be very unfair in the case of a trending letter by a female studying luring her teacher to bed.

A supposed letter from a female student of a Senior High School in Ghana has been trending for its wooing and seducing content.

In the letter below, the student wrote to the teacher, asking the teacher for sex.

She urged the teacher to bring the “thing” that would help them have engage in the sexual intercourse successfully.

The Student sincerely recognizes the fact that the act isn’t suitable for her age.

She however asked her teacher ‘crush’ to engage her in the sexual intercourse regardless of her age and size.

“I don’t care if you hurt me and I promise you it’s going to be between both of us…” She said.

To make sure her target is completely wooed into her sexual exploit, she reiterated how prepared she is

“… also, you might think I’m smallish so you will hurt me no please delete that from your mind Cos that’s the dick I want and enjoy most…” She wrote.

The lady whose name and school’s are withheld for security reasons concluded the letter by assuring the teacher that the experience will be the best of the teacher’s sexual endevours.

See below

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