A troll who threw out bait on Erica in order to catch the “fish” of angry replies got disappointing.

The Legend Ambassador, Erica Ngozi Nlewedim gave him no room to further disrespect her.

Big Brother is over but some fans still lives in their old state, here comes a bulbian.

Laycon fans are known as icons using a symbol of bulb as their emblem, clearly, the troll is an icon.

A man with the name Adewuyi came under Erica’s post asking of when Erica will be getting verified had a nicest but laudable reply from the star girl, a pinch of spicy punch.

She quoted his comment and replied ‘ Awww such a caring fan.. I noticed you’re always checking on me; with gracies(thank you) sign.

Erica Nlewedim is seen as the most sweetest and coolest person with a unique smile. She’s the people choice.

It looks weird realising people dislike such a beautiful soul like Erica. Below is a tale reply to the troll……

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