Cardi B Tired Out After Her Exhilarating Performance In Nigeria, Calls On Shatta Wale To Send Her Storm Energy Drink

For the past 24hours Cardi B is enjoying a lot in Nigeria from club to club to the street of Lagos, her lastly post on instagram story, she was with couple of Nigerian artistes chilling in a spot.

She donated some items to an orphanage yesterday in Nigeria.

Hours ago, she was seen clubbing with Nigerian artists, dancing to their music in their present.

She is to fly to Ghana for another event today, but as she posted, ‘Nigeria has sucked all the life out of me’ she’s exhausted her energy and don’t know she can be in Accra, Ghana with same strength.

Flex K Germain in his post on his official page stated that, the schedules for both concerts were too close, and can affect her energy as she is already complaining!

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