Cape Coasters Chose Shatta Wale’s Paid Show Over Tv3 And Onua Fm Free Organised Show

Over the weekend the ‘Melissa’ hitmaker Shatta Wale performed live in cape coast for the second time within this year.

The artist who was outside the country for a music video shoot with American Rapper Mariahlynn, kept cape coasters in suspense of his coming. He left the shores of the country unexpectedly which throws a doubt weight to the people.

On the eve of Friday, the muttering of the artist imminent was everywhere, Shatta Wale is not gracing the occasion, then on Friday it sounded in all ears and corners about his coming.

On Friday, cape coast stadium was ready and set for the show, was present and witnessed more than fifteen thousand fans filled the stadium to watch Shatta Wale performed.

Orange Friday celebrated by the people of Oguaa is equivalent to Chalewote festival by Gas, Greater Accra, is a moment everybody wears his or her orange T-Shirt for a float, thousands of people joins the float from all angles of central region and beyond. After the show they all trooped to Abura for the Reign Storm Show instead of going to the place set for them by TV3.

GhTrendingLinks witnessed the low patronage of the show organised by TV3 at Chapel Square compared to over fifteen thousand fans who went to the stadium to see Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale’s presence was felt in Cape Coast at the just ended Oguaa Fetu Afahye.

Below are the pictures we were privy of.

Credit by Maame Dede, GhTrendingLinks

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