Busted! Medikal’s “Fake Lifestyle” Brought To Bear, Munich Wrist Busters Confirmed His Latest Rolex Watch Is Fake [SCREENSHOT]

An Instagram user has exposed AMG Business’ most active musician, Medikal for his ‘fake lifestyle’.

Medikal rescently posted a new luxuries Rolex wristwatch he purchased on social media.

This isn’t the first time he is flaunting his wealth on social media but it might be the last time.

The rumours that the watch is fake has heightened by a verified Instagram account, “@Munichwristwatchbusters” who comparatively analysed the two watches (Medikal’s and the original) and concluded that Medikal’s is fake.

The news has directed lots of trolls at the stylish rapper with many saying all the other things he has been using are also fake.

See below

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