BTL Africa Invited And Made Me Promotes Cardi B’s Coming, Gave Me GHc800 Ticket, Which Shows How Important l Am – Akuapim Poloo Cried[Video]

Ghanaian popular self-acclaimed Cardi B twin sister has said it twice and not one’s that, she’s really happy about how BTL Africa gave her the mileage as in invitation to meet her role model Cardi B, the Grammy awards winner.

The actress used her Instagram page to send across a message to some of her colleagues and Ghanaians blasting her of not being invited by Becca who hosted the American Rapper that they should bow their head in shame, because she was officially invited by BTL Africa and gave two tickets which cost GHc800 , that alone shows my importance among the rest.

I forced my way through to meet n greet her and even had a great time with her by tweaking together and Cardi B called me “My Twin Sister and even went ahead to post me, Akuapim Poloo picture on her Instagram story for the world to know and see me – Akuampim Poloo’s exact words.

People were asking why didn’t Cardi B posted and talked about her time with Becca but always talking about me, the Suhum girl, the village girl Akuapim Poloo, that means it’s my time for the world to know more about me Cardi B’s twin sister in Africa, Edey pain you – Akuapim Poloo goaded.

Eddie Nak, Researcher, GhTrendingLinks

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