Bosom Pyung Flexes, Shows Off His Expensive Designer Clothes And Shoe – Pictures

Without a shadow of doubt, being a music star brings a lot of goodies with it.

Superstars around the world are seen often living larger than life and super contented lifestyles, and also traveling around the world.

They are also known to wear the most expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry and cars to make a statement to whoever cares, that they are “living the life.”

Upcoming artiste, Bosom Pyung is not an exception to this rule, Bosom Pyung shows of his expensive clothes on social media, few months of breaking into the music scene.

The “Ataa Adwoa” hitmaker yesterday on his social media platform (Facebook) precisely flaunts his expensive Balmain Designer wear T-shirt and Jacket and his expensive shoe.

The Balman Parist T-Shirt Black cost 390euros equivalent to Gh2,250, Balmain Embosed Logo Leather Hiker(shoe) at Euros450 equivalent to GHc2,650 and the Corduroy jacket price is 400euros which is also GHc2,310.

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