Beyonce Coming To Ghana This Christmas! Is She Coming On The Ticket Of Shatta Wale Or Moesha? Check It Out

Ghanaian actress and a model Moesha Boduong have quizzes if Beyoncé is coming to Ghana in December, her question has raises eyebrows ‘whoa’ what’s going on that’s the question on the street now.

Not long ago the American music goddess Beyoncé featured the only Africa Gaza Shatta Wale on her Lion King ‘The Gift’ Album, the song ‘Already’ which did so well and still do well on the world market took the Dancehall ruler to USA surprisingly for a video shoot which is yet to be released.

Perhaps, Beyoncé is coming to Ghana on the ticket of Shatta Wale and Moesha being Shatta Wale’s friend might have gotten the hint, because we know Shatta Wale do communicate with Beyoncé mostly, so he might be in a better position gist Ghanaians.

Mayhap, Beyoncé might be coming to Ghana on her on accord, as to take Moesha query seriously nobody knows but one thing is, she is one of the actresses who are always real on their social media platform, feeding her fans with nothing but the truth. Jaws are giggling, hands are folded, eyes are wide open reading in between the lines to know more   and see the outcome come December.

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