Often times, naysayers fails to see the bigger picture of Beyonce collaborating with Shatta Wale.

Beyonce recognizing Shatta Wale in her interview clearly indicate the job he did with her is well appreciated.

Beyonce during her interview with Vogue made a shout out to Ghana and acknowledged Shatta Wale for working with her.

It’s an honour to be remembered by Beyonce, that is a good sign that Shatta Wale did a good job on the Gift Album and Black Is King.

That should send a message to all Ghanaians that Shatta Wale is indeed a great talent and undermining his effort is balderdash.

Beyonce also talked about how she tries working with people who pushes her to become a better artist and human.

She also loves creating a bridge for talented artists who wouldnt typically work together.

It’s a privileged working with people, I am doing what my family has always done in celebrating black community, she added.

Beyhive and Beyonce enthusiasts should wait for the big shot in December.

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