Becca’s Husband Is Calling Me A Witch Because I Warned Becca To Be Judicious Around Her Money And Properties

Becca’s mom released sequence of exposes during an interview she had with Founding CelebritiesBuzz Editor, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri.

Madam Julie Yidadom-Oti, who has been branded a witch by her own daughter and the husband, took shots at her daughter and especially her Nigerian husband during her interview with Chris.

The very bitter mother in an explosive interview with Chris Vincent called out her son in-law for being the root of a fissure between her and the daughter.

She exposed Tobi for the reason he’s branded her as a witch and thief, because she adviced her daughter to be judicious around her money and properties when it comes to her husband. She angrily went hard on Tobi calling him a thief who only want to drain off her daughter’s resources.

She revealed to Chris how her relationship with her daughter has cut off in communication for about a year. To lots of people, this comes as a shock since Becca is known in the Showbiz as quiet and holds a private life.

More series of exposes on the pipeline

Maame Dede, GhTrendingLinks

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