Be Confident In Your Body, Don’t Let Society ‘Sayings’ Intimidate You – Erica Nweledim To Young Girls

Erica Ngozi Nweledim is known for being outspoken.

The BBNaija2020 housemate is also known for her feminist stance.

The First Class graduate from Convenant University is highly admired for her level of intelligence and maturity in addressing issues, especially those that directly affect women.

It is in this direction that ‘A Girl Project’ held a virtual meeting with the Star Girl.

The ‘A Girl Project’ is a non- Governmental organization, aimed at tackling isues that serve as stumbling blocks to young girls.

From graduating from school, as it focuses on reducing poverty, child marriage, teen pregnancy and homelessness.

In a Zoom meeting with the actor and model, she went all out on issues that many would have avoided because of their controversial natures.

The Legend Stout and Star Redler ambassador started by telling the young girls how important it is to be confident.

To her, lots of girls are not able to explore who they actually are because of the fear of society backlash.

And that there are many who should have achieved a lot but for paying attention to what society thinks or want them to be.

She continued by sharing her personal experience of harassment because the men considered what she was wearing ‘too short’.

The Classy lady who is still disgusted by this experience told girls to own and be responsible for their bodies.

And that they shouldn’t allow anybody detect to them what they should use their bodies for (in a positive way).

She encouraged women to speak up against abuses in marriage; that women shouldn’t allow their partners to touch them if they are not in the mood to have sex.

She also bemourn the unfortunate situation in Africa where women are mocked for choosing to be unmarried.

She however encouraged women to rise above these difficulties.

Erica is a superbrain, no wonder she has such hug influence.

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