Be An Independent Woman And Stop Depending On Men For Everything – Efia Odo Advices

The Ghanaian Actress, TV/Radio Presenter, Efia Odo has been spotted taking it cool with her fellow woman who depend on men entirely for everything chanced on the Damsel Efia Odo’s post advicing her fellow women to stop depending solely on men and be independent. Women should be equipped in and out of her relationship. Life shouldn’t be too difficult without men and ladies of today must learn that.

The advice wonders everyone since majority thinks she is one crazy lady who moves from one man to the other but her post has pinned a lot of people and different opinions are been shared under her post.

To Efia Odo women should empower themselves dexterously to correct the misconception of a ladies becoming fulfilled through men. It weird these days to depend on men thinking they owe you for everything immediately a man proposes to the, it’s becoming alarming.

The goal of a woman in life must not be solely on finding fulfilment through men,  African parents would raise their daughters to become that woman who would have to stop whatever she’s pursuing to get married to that fine gentleman, that rich man, that educated man, you are of age is a hall mark for women in our society, the schooling is okay, stop and get married. Being a good   independent woman without any support in a Ghanaian society has in a way “become a crime”, because society looks at you with a “different eye”.

Stop depending on men for everything. Be soo independent that you can even make yourself cum. You should want a man, not need a man.

Gina Bev Quist

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