According to the Big Brother Naija housemate, he sees #BBErica as a threat and will probably nominate her for possible eviction.

Erica and LAYCON has had forth and back situation ever since Laycon declared his feelings to Erica, who sees him as a friend and a brother she never has.

Erica who chose Kiddwaya over Laycon has received lots of backlashed for leading Laycon on.

Laycon was once described by Kaisha as a cunning person. Do viewers see that?

On the other hand, a lot have come to conclusion that Laycon is rather using Erica for his game after she went about telling every housemates Erica is loose, and he can get her if he presses on.

From majority view Laycon has indirectly confirmed of using Erica for the sure.

Below is his conversation

Biggie: How are you?

Laycon: I feel grateful, I feel happy and I’m still grateful for being here. I’m still not 100% fine because I’m to recover from yesterday’s eviction.

Biggie: What exactly are you recovering from.

Laycon: The change of eviction pattern and the unforeseen switch up, I was tensed, it was a mad experience to be honest.

Biggie: Did the eviction affect you in any manner?

Laycon: Yea it did, I understood Wathoni leaving, but for Bright and Tolani, it was shocking because I didn’t see them leaving. They never made bottom 4.

Biggie: We are graduall heading toward the end of the show, with approximately half of the housemates leaving. Do you find yourself making the finale?

Laycon: Hahaha, I don’t know biggie, I can’t say, I’ve always wish and prayed to make it to the final day. I really want to make it to the final day, but from what happened yesterday, I’m just scared. I want to make mistakes and learn too, I would love to win the show, but for now, I’ll take things one at a time.

Biggie: If you are to name one person you consider a threat and challenge to you concerning the show, who would you name?

Laycon: Biggie I don’t know oo, it’s very confusing, most of the housemates that have left were once thought by the housemates to be strong. I can’t really say or name a strong contender, I don’t know, honestly. I’m very scared, but I’ll keep pushing and promoting myself, not thinking who the contender is.

Biggie: Do you consider yourself a contender?

Laycon: Yea, I do.

Biggie: Aside yourself, who else do you consider a contender?

Laycon: I think Erica is a good contender.

Biggie: Would you like to compete with Erica on the final day?

Laycon: Yea, I would.

Biggie: It seems live eviction do reveal most things about the housemates toward each other. How did you feel about yesterday’s revelations?

Laycon: I was surprised with Tolani, Erica, and Neo saga, then I was also surprised for the question thrown at me, because I don’t see myself a distraction to Kidd and Erica. I actually planned not to discuss it with Erica yesterday because she would have gone out of control.

Biggie: Would you like to discuss anything with BigBrother.

Laycon: Yes, I want to apologize for the joke about the price of[I didn’t get what he meant], I’m sorry BigBrother.

The End.

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