Erica, Kiddwaya and their fans have managed to creatively brand themselves.

The conglomerated fanbase of the Elites, Kiddricans and Wayademgangs are called the ‘KEW”.

The Elites are the personal fanbase of Queen Erica.

The Kiddricans are the fans who consider themselves fans of both Kidd and Erica hence the “Kiddricans”.

Whiles the Wayademgang is the personal fanbase of king Kiddwaya.

Isn’t that beautiful ? The creativity and the branding is just wowing.

Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu alias Ozo and Nengi have been able to also get into the same shoes of Kiddrica by their Ozone fans.

Unfortunately that’s isn’t an easy task.

The fans however have managed to put something together to call it ‘Ozone’.

The official fans of Ozo are called Superions, very protective of their own and supportive.

Likewise Nengi and her fanbase are called ‘Ningas, the Knives’.

Fans who love them both have decided to call them the “Ozones” Oh yeah! Ozones.

In a tweet, one shipper Greg Collins said Ozone is the only stable ship in the history of BBnaija.

Throat clearing, everyone and his/her opinion. In my view and as a prodigious observer, Kiddrica is the best ever stable ship and much loved in the history of BBnaija.

Choosing Ozone over Kiddrica is like deriding Ozoemena and Nengi.

Lots watched how that ship was in the house, and so many times Ozo wanted it to work but turned out being public spectacle.

Kiddrica is one sweet ship every eyes is on. One cough of them on social media pervade everywhere.

As people who boast so much of their intellects, one would have expected they get more creative.

I personally think “Ozone Layers” would have been much of creativity and befitting.

Anyway, Shout out to all the Ozones.

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