Erica Ngozi Nlewedim keeping the high profile in the Nigerian entertaining industry since 2014.

Star Girl Erica is now one of the most influential and successful representatives of entertainers In Nigeria.

Erica attracted the biggest and loyal fanbase in the history BBNaija with her vulnerability, Originality, beauty and career driven.

She is indeed one of the biggest influencers in Nigeria and her aroma keeps bubbling across globe.

Days ago, Erica retweet brought forward Maria Apolonia Vergara’s fans from Philippines.

Both Elites and Marvel stans had a very nice interactions and welcoming.

Erica at the end of the day trended in Philippines, likewise Philippines tasted Nigeria’s twitter.

Unknown to Erica and Elites the news have already made it to Philippines blogs.

The excitement Elites will to see; that, their numerous tweets and Erica has finally made it to Philippines’ blog.

Irish Galvez tagged Elites as an international fanbase who recognised Maria Vergara and Mstans.

Samantha Mirielle gave a description about Erica and her fans, she did well by selling Erica right to the globe.

This was garnered by on Facebook.

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