It was a free show for the boys in Tanzania when one of their celebrities, Irene Pancras Uyowa decided to let the public see the woman in her.

The actress, producer and entrepreneur was, per a video trending on social media seen walking down from a car.

In a very gorgeous and seductive , very short(just beneth her butts) but has an overstretched design covering her front tighs.

She wore the already seductive attire [email protected]

To the surprise of many, the actress, wearing a very bright smile, dramatically raised the overstretched design and then boom!

It was there, very very clear, we all saw it.

It is not clear why she had to go that targent.

Lots of people have been mistaking her for DJ Cuppy but a proper check by our team indicates it’s rather Irene Uyowa alias Prah of Tanzania.

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