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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Arch Bishop Duncan Williams Exposed Nigel Gaisie – Watch Video

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Prophet Nigel Gaisie Is In the news again for another controversy

Ghanaians on social media compare two (2) different sermons by revered Arch Bishop Duncan William and Nigel Gaisie.

In the first sermon, Nigel Gaisie said the church or the pastoring is a business and a failure to recognize this fact means unserousness on the part of the church leader.

Duncan William on the other hand, said the church is not a business Enterprise.

And that if one is a pastor and desires so much to earn a lot of money he or she should resign as a pastor.

According to some section of the public, Nigel Gaisie has been exposed by Duncan; he is a pastor because he needs money.

However, a closer listen will inform you that he actually meant to say the things of kingdom of God should be taken seriously just like the way business owners take their business.

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