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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Apple Asserted State-Sponsored Attackers Are Targeting NDC’s San Dogbe’s iPhone.

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San Xoese Dogbe was a presidential staffer under the former president John Dramani Mahama.

San Xoese shared screenshots of an email he received from Apple warning him about how some State-Sponsored attackers who are targeting to compromise his phone and have access to sensitive information from his Apple iPhone.

According to the mail, these attackers are well funded and have access to sophisticated equipments to carry out their plans.

The message reads “Apple believes you are being targeted by state-sponsored attackers who are trying to remotely compromise the iPhone associated with your Apple ID. These attackers are likely targeting you individually because of who you are or what you do. If your device is compromised by a state-sponsored attacker, they may be able to remotely access your sensitive data, communications, or even the camera and microphone. While it’s possible this is a false alarm, please take this warning seriously.”

Apple further added that” Researchers and journalists have publicly documented such attacks against popular cloud services, including iMessage as well as Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Signal, and WhatsApp. Some state-sponsored attacks need no interaction from you, and others rely on tricking you into clicking a malicious link or opening an attachment in an email, SMS, or other message. These attempts can be quite convincing, ranging from fake package tracking updates to custom-crafted, emotional appeals claiming a named family member is in danger. Be cautious with all links you receive, and don’t open any links or attachments from unexpected or unknown senders.”

This is a warning to all smartphone users to be extra vigilant with the kinds of links they use click so as to stay safe.

Xoese blames the NPP for the attack on his privacy.


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