Apologise To Me Or The Whole World Will Hear Of Us, Mr Logic Portends To Reveal More Secrets About Stonebwoy

Ghanaian popular artist manager and entertainment critic Mr Logic has dared the Ghanaian dancehall artist Livingston Etse Satekla Popularly known as Stonebwoy that due to what they discussed one on one on phone, he’s giving the artist three days to apologise to him or the world will hear about them.

This mawkishness statement from Mr. Logic has caught everyone’s attention and a person could sense the outcome wouldn’t be pleasant if this issue isn’t attended to solve as quickly as possible.

Considering an issue that recently whippersnapper between him and the dancehall artist Stonebwoy few days ago, the Artist Manager, Mr. Logic on Day break, Hitz FM descended heavily on the multiple award-winning dancehall artist, Stonebwoy for complaining about bloggers and media being bias to him and their refusal to promote him and his recent tours.

He went on to explicate to the listeners how the Ghana music industry has gotten his back strongly to the top.

Ghtrendinglinks has been following this incident this far, here is what we gathered for our cherished readers.


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