AMG CEO Criss Kweku Waddle Has Been Much-admired By Jerry Justice’s of Adom FM

AMG Ceo  Criss Kweku Waddle Has been applauded by the most listened radio program Ofie Kwanso Show on your most  authoritative radio station Adom FM hosted by Jerry Justice.

On the show Jerry gave an overwhelming ovation to Criss Waddle the AMG Business founder for being a great master piece in the music industry as far as Entertainment is concerned.

During the programme Jerry Justice and his crew said the young chap is best when it comes to Entertainment business in Ghana. On the ongoing program, the host clearly stated that Ghanaians should pay massive consideration to the ‘Kingkong’ hitmaker who takes time to release track and becomes a hit, he also said the young lad Criss have scouted for talents into the music industry and those guys are doing pretty well.

His record label too is doing great with the likes of Medikal, Armani and Unkel Beatz. These musician so far are doing well in the Music industry. Cris wallowed around grabbed these talents and brought them to limelight, the folks are making waves in Ghana and beyond.

Ghtrendinglinks Researcher Eddie Nak did a check up on the young CEO as the panellist on Ofie Kwanso revealed on the show what Criss Waddle does aside music business.

The AMG CEO is into Real Estate Development. He also has mansions situated at Prampram and Ashiley Botwe municipalities, we are trying to get a confirmation from the artist to reveal out the truth to our dear readers.

Eddie Nak, GhTrendingLinks

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