Ameyaw Debrah Threatens To Unfollow Another Blogger For Speaking Positively On Shatta Wale X Beyoncé Upcoming Visual Album

Ameyaw Debrah a renowned blogger known to be despiser of Shatta Wale has proven beyond all that doubt, whatsoever Shatta Movement fans has been saying about him disliking Shatta Wale is factual.

Good news about Shatta Wale has always been a bitter pill to swallow when it comes to Ameyaw Debrah’s context, his aversion for Shatta Wale is petty and revolting.  

A chat chanced on by showing, how from nowhere gave a band aid response to a colleague blogger who said that ‘he never doubted Shatta Wale right from day one that he said he met Beyoncé and her daughter’.

His response of threatening to unfollow P.Money entertainment for making the above statement has putting everyone in an amusing state; he wrote this ‘I think I should unfollow you’.

All bend down to when Disney Plus announces a new visual album from Beyoncé — “Black Is King,” inspired by “The Lion King” yesterday; Shatta Wale after Beyoncé feature spoke about an upcoming video and a lot of people including Beyoncé fans disregarded it, as it was announced yesterday many are out saying that Shatta Wale was right all along.

Below is the screenshot

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