Ama K Abebrese Throws A Subtle Jab At Cyber Bullies For Horrible Attacks On Wendy Shay About Her ‘Looks’

Following Wendy Shay’s “trolling about her looks” on social media yesterday, Ama K Abebrese has however condemned the reaction from social media for ridiculing Wendy Shay.

Many are those who might have wished the Actress and Movie Producer will throw a bit of trolls and bashes against the rufftown records signee but surprisingly she defended her in a latest tweet she shared.

Taking to Twitter, Ama expressed deepest miffed towards the harsh words and the bullying against Wendy Shay.

She quizzes, what at all has the singer done to warrant the atrocious comments and intimidation of how she looks? Ama condemned their act totally as she rubbishes it. She stated the horrible comment is totally uncalled for because the singer has done nothing to deserves such an insult from them.

The actress went ahead to say that they should stop engaging themselves in a cyber bullying which will not profit them and rather conduit that energy in supporting the singer.

According to the Actress cum Movie Producer, it is so sad social media are austerely bullying the singer with her looks, you should stop bringing people down with your cyber bullying and focus on pushing them somewhat, she added.

Below are her full words:

What at all has the singer Wendy Shay done to warrant so much social media bullying and horrible comments about her looks? Totally uncalled for. To those of you who engage in cyber bullying, it’s very sad you think it’s ok to put others down. Uplift, don’t tear people down.

Maame Dede, Ghtrendinglinks

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