Deborah Vanessa popularly known by her stage name Sister Derby has recently been on the media especially the bloggers for thinning out fake news about her relationship status. She expressed how disappointed she is in a tweet telling the general public to keep a deaf ear to what the bloggers have been blogging about her in this recent times because she has nothing to hide from the general public since she is that open type who says anything openly without hiding anything.

She took to her twitter page, those amateur bloggers who are fond of creating fake stories around her should put an end to it, there no speck of truth in what they blowout and therefore shouldn’t mollycoddle her market.

Sis Derby bewailed on her being happy in her previous relationship with the AMG Prince Medikal before their unfortunate breakup occurred and consequently said she is a happy woman ever since is now free from any burden and any relationship stress since she is single.

She tweeted;

“Because I’m not talking, amateur blogs are creating false news about me. Let me make this clear, I’m all for the truth. I was happy in my previous relationship, but I am very happy now being single. Let me enjoy pls”.

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