AK)n)b)ni! : A 19-Year Old SHS 2 Student Rapes 2 18-Month Old Girls

News making rounds is that a 19-year old boy has raped 2 girls who are only 18 months old.

A form 2 Student of an unmentioned school in Ghana, Patrick Nyarko has been arrested for raping twin sisters who are not yet a year old.

According to the report by UTV, the parents of the kids live together with Patrick Nyarko in a “Compound House”.

The mother left the children in her room to go get something outside but returned to find no one in the room.

The frightened woman began to conduct a search in the entire house, upon forcing opened Partrick Nyarko’s door, lo and be behold, the young man had already finished raping the two little girls.

The mother quickly rushed the kids to the hospital where it was confirmed that they were indeed raped.

Patrick is currently in the hands of the police, assisting in investigation.

Watch below

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