AKA Sparks Another Xenophobic War As He Calls Burna Boy “CHICKEN”

A south African hip hop artist AKA has hit hard on Burna Boy, this time around in a grisly one.

Both AKA and  Burna Boy had issues when the xenophobic attacks started and it’s carried on till now. Burna Boy is a Nigerian music who came out to rebuked the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians which place in south African recently.

There were more times he shared his thought on the inhuman attacks on his Nigerian people but that didn’t go down well with AKA a south African hip hop artist, so he sorted to blast Burna Boy and  that brought about exchange of words between the artist on twitter.

 Recently AKA has come out again to bout the Nigerian superstar Burna Boy and he said, he’s not a pussy like Burna who tweets n deletes and Burna Boy didn’t take it likely than to fired back.

Burna Boy threatens to “delete” AKA anywhere he meets up with him, the drama continues as we monitoring their pages for fresh news on this matter.

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