A Yango Driver Returned A Missing New iPhone Xmas ‘Cost GHc5,500’ Back To It Owner

We still have good souls leaving among us and Bismark Nana Ahonie is one of them. Most of our drivers are so callous to return such expensive phone that can buy a plot of land to the owner.

In one of this well-known Facebook group Francis Hamelo in awe posted Bismark picture showing his gratitude and appreciation for what he did.

His post engaged lots of minds who thoughts the guy can’t use the phone whiles others also supposed he is just a good person and God should bless him.

Below is what he posted

The phone we are talking about is GHc 5,000 to GHc 6,000 and Bismark returning needs needs to be applauded.

I dropped my iPhone XS Max in a Yango ride few minutes ago, I called my phone and the driver picked and up brought the phone back home to me! I just got this phone a week ago and for this man to bring it back to me… I’m in total awe!!!

Please help me thank this God fearing man!

God richly bless you Bismark Nana Ahonie

Me and my generation will forever be grateful to you and your generation!

Please take a few moment of your time and comment God Bless You Bismark Nana Ahonie

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