There’s an adage in Ghana (Akan) language which goes like ‘Aboa a onni dua no, Nyame na opra ne ho, literally means ‘For the animal who does not have a tail, it is God who sweeps his body’.

Indeed, God helps the vulnerable.

Even when someone is impoverished, he is not completely dejected because God cares for everybody, real case of Erica Nlewedim.

Erica has gone through the most in the hands from trolls and guttersnipes.

Sh has been slut shammed, mocked at for living her true life on a Reality TV show.

What is Reality TV? It is a genre of television programming that documents purportedly unscripted real-life situations.

The definition above clearly exposes subjective BBNaija and some viewers.

Housemates Salone, a reality TV show in Sierra Leone invited Kiddwaya and Erica.

The sponsors of the show invited the hottest BBnaija couples to help boost their infant but up speeding show with their presence.

The love pair didn’t disappoint as their presence felt everywhere in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and other African countries.

Kiddwaya and Erica lightened up the show and brought joy to the faces of the housemates as well.

Housemates Salone CEO, Anthony Navo Junior felt the heat Kidd and Erica brought into their country.

The positive impact of the ex BBnaija housemates to Housemates of Salone has attracted the maximum respect from the noble CEO and sponsors.

During a coctail party with the love pair Mr. Navo sent a words of caution to Kiddrica’s villifiers to stop talking trash about couples.

‘Lousy Minority’ please allow the majority[Kidd and Erica] to breath, it’s my company, my money and Afrocell.... the exact words from Mr Navo.

Below is the video

Mr. Navo Jnr speaks

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