Ikot Ewa Government Secondary School student has been arrested for coming to school with a gun to shoot her teaher.

A school girl in her 14 has been nabbed after she attempted to shoot her teacher with a pistol in Cross River State, Nigeria.

It all happened after the girl was asked by her teacher to cut her bushy coloured hair.

“The girl resumed back to school and was asked by her class teacher to go home, barb her colored hair.

She actually got furious and sneaked a gun to the school to repay her teacher.

Is she mentally stable? Where did she got the gun from? This and more is what the public want to know.

Dr Dreew on twitter said ‘Now you may ask what was the driving force behind her taking a gun to school? where did she get it from? Mental health is one aspect we don’t manage well in Africa. She needs help’.

Not everyone can afford a hospital bill, private hospitals are costly, govt hospitals are crowded, but before you go to that chemist or pharmacy to buy any drug for that illness get into my DM and ask for direction i will asap respond to you.

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