Mr Attigah who is popularly known as Mr T is currently down with chronic Kidney failure.

He has worked for over 20years at the Holy Trinity Hospital and has touched many lives health-wise.

A little over two years ago, he was diagnosed with chronic Kidney failure which led him to retire from service and seek healing for himself.

However, after 2years the situation seems to be failing and need kidney transplant to survive.

The situation has compelled Mr T’s family and friends to seek for public help.

A $60,000 GoFundMe has been set to support him get a new kidney.

When the story broke out one lady who was at the comment section revealed her readiness.

Ayinpoka Akamale is her name, she said ‘I want to sell one of my Kidney so if the money is ready they should tell me’.

Ayinpoka is determined and willing to donate her one kidney, if the money only ready.


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