According to Kim A Siv Dem, as a professional musician, if you want to penetrate through to other countries like Caribbean and Europe, you need to start from the scratch by building up a foundation. And the music industry will want you, no matter how many other talented people are also trying to achieve the same things you are, “Shatta Wale’s story Now”.

Kim A SIV Dem is a Jamaican Media personality, and she wrote “U want to do a feature with every artiste,what are you doing collecting bodies? Shouldn’t you want to build a foundation for yourself first? U build ur house starting from the top? Ask Charles Nii Armah Mensah what I told him about foundation in Jamaica? Build up ur name first so that when you do a big feature it HIT!!!!!”

As a professional musician to build a foundation you need to get your name out there first, get in front of the right people, make connections, just get your foot in the door, get someone to give you your big break, just keep trying harder, go broke to succeed, or risk everything to become successful.

The music industry does NOT look for great music to sell or even great musicians. As an artist who want to be known in other countries, you don’t need waste much time doing collaborations to hit or be successful. Building a foundation in your musical career needs; Record companies, managers, promoters and big successful bands, you need that vast majority, those who will believe in you and your music. Be original, what this means for you is, you need to prove yourself to be rock solid in key areas (beyond your music) in order to put yourself at the top of the list.

Looking at Shatta Wale, he is being known in Jamaica, UK, Amsterdam, Italy, and the rest due to his exploit of being a successful person in Music. Shatta Wale has attracted these biggest bloggers, DJ, media personalities around the world like Nostradamus TV blog, 876 Nation, Jamaica, Dalon Epic Jones – U.K, Laura DJ – U.K, spreading his music, and promoting his career, we called that “Foundation Built effect”. If all this people become your fans, you need not big artist to sell your music. Shatta so far has engrossed by these big musicians the likes of  Vybz Kartel, Spice, Morgan Heritage etc.

Kim wrote again; What’s the sense going on sumfest and nobody knows your music??? Why to watch the crowd stand still?? Kmt ??…come for me today because I have the time! One is a reggae artiste the other is a dancehall artiste know the damn difference because if unu did know you wouldn’t have started comparing them from the first place! You see ppl comparing Vybz Kartel to Bob Marley??!!

She also made it known, Shatta Wale and his music is known and played in Jamaica all the time.

Stonebwoy should not misunderstood and underestimate Kim’s element of mindset but take the opportunity to consider her words and work on.

Many people believe they already have the right mindset to become a successful musician… The truth is, I can definitely tell you with certainty that most musicians simply do not possess the right mindset at all; and the few who do, often lose that correct mindset once things get harder, the stakes are higher or situations become stressful. However, the good news is, virtually anyone can learn, master and sustain the right mindset for all situations with the right training and efforts.

There is so much sense she is making and need to be considered on.

By Maame Dede, Writer – Ghtrendinglinks

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