A Kumasi based mother to a 4-year old was shocked today as his own son reported her to the police.

The young boy who is called Obrempong sneaked out of the house and reported her mother to the police for mistakingly let his younger brother slip off into the baby bath.

According to the mother who was in alter shock, Obrempong was with her when the incidence occured but couldn’t be found few minutes later.

She was there and the next thing she saw was the arrival of two police officers who came to arrest her.

She said the police officers had to inspect the place, the baby and took pictures of the whole place.

They told her to come later with her husband to give statement when he came back from work.

She continued to say that they had to take the 6 months old baby to hospital to ascertain if indeed he is fine.

It was the hospital report that actually sets the woman free.

According to the husband, he is not so surprised at the boy’s actions because he once questioned a police officer why he stopped them but didn’t check if his dad had licence.

And that he calls him to report anything going on in the house anytime he is away.

The only thing that strikes him this time is why he didn’t call him but decided to go to the police station.

The mother also said the 4-year old has been threatening her with police arrest anytime she says or does something he doesn’t like.

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