5 Things To Distinguish Tacha And Jack FaceTime Wasn’t ‘Audio Call’ But Factual

Reality star Natacha Ibinabo Akide Who also known as Tacha had a facetime call with twitter CEO Jack.

Few hours after she uploaded a video of herself and Jack Dorsey’s Facetime call, the talking started. Nonbelievers to her and I quote “it’s fake”, “This is not real”, “it’s edited”, “I can even do same”, “it’s audio call” etc.

Frankly speaking, Africa has a huge problem and the problem is the people living within, getting a chance and reason to laugh at someone’s fall or pain becomes our joyful moment to dance, ‘common sense’ should tell you, it was a real call.

The 2.2 billion net worth CEO, Jack Dorsey knows how much he’s making out of Tacha’s trend thingy and how important it is to lookout for that lady who’s parachuting twitter in Nigeria and outside Nigeria for months now.

Figure the 5 steps out;

  1. Screen recording have no sound unless the phone is rooted especially if it’s android, with iPhone unless its upgraded to 13.1 version. It’s even optional.
  2. Tacha mentioned Jack’s name in her tweet. That should tell you she’s been truthful.
  3. She also tagged twitter in the video. If it wasn’t true Twitter would have been out to debunk the whole cruise Natacha is catching.
  4. She also added a hashtag to her tweet, #tachaxjack making it obvious.
  5. She went ahead posting it on her biggest platform Instagram, proves the genuineness of the call.

These five should tell you, the call wasn’t fake as people are speculating. If not hate then what again.

A 23-year old Natacha Ibinabo Akide is the biggest brand in Nigeria now. The real deal a particular company can have. She has the capacity, exposure, confidence, fans to promote a product of a company. Endorsing her as brand ambassador is absolutely a good step for the company that will step forward for her.

Sometimes, the people who are pointing out your shortcoming and screening out your mistakes doesn’t know they are helping in shaping and making you stronger. The more you hit hard on someone, the more you make him or her realised its fall short and work it on. ‘They don know’.

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