Flex K. Germain Writes;

#3musicawards19 has exposed the board ‘room dealings’ that had been going on over the years and ‘stealing’ awards for undeserving persons.

The awards gave more power to the people to choose their preferred choices rather than allowing some few people to sit down and decide who to be rewarded at the expense of deserving artistes.

Their procedures gave meaning to everyday question, DID YOU VOTE?

If you fail to vote for your preferred artiste, you have no business crying over those who were busily voting.

Just recently, Stonebwoy won Dstv SA Nick KCA award via social media hash tags, that’s what won him the award, to some of these crying babies that was fair enough for them to be happy.

But quick to come home and cry over same procedure used by such a transparent scheme to choose winners of deserving awards. That’s hypocritical.

BET also used same hash tags to choose winners for NEW ARTISTE OF THE YEAR of which Kwesi Arthur was a nominee and lost.

This is one of the best way of getting to know people’s choices and popularity especially when their works speaks for itself.

I will always support any scheme that seeks to put the PUBLIC INTEREST first rather than a few people who can decide based on their AFFILIATIONS and PERSONAL INTERESTS.

The voice of the people is the voice of God



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