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Is Telegram Messenger Better Than WhatsApp Messenger? Let’s Assess

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In today’s digital world, social chat apps have become an integral and essential part of our daily lives, serving as our virtual communication assistants.

However, we must determine which app is the best to use, whether it is for features, privileges or security.

Do you know that after Facebook paid a large sum for WhatsApp, it saw a significant increase in the number of users, much as Telegram did after WhatsApp’s policy announcement?

Few other applications benefited from WhatsApp’s new security policy announcement in January 2021, particularly Telegram, Signal which saw numerous downloads overnight.

So let us compare WhatsApp vs Telegram:


To use WhatsApp on a different device, you must first deactivate your current account by giving your consent.

To use WhatsApp on the system, scan the QR code that appears in the WhatsApp site on the system and start communicating; however, the communication will be synced simultaneously in both your device and the system, so your device must be near the system.

Telegram is available on a variety of platforms, and users must log in using their phone numbers as credentials.

Messages sync promptly, but if the main device loses connection, the other lose access as well.


Since WhatsApp has a storage limit, users will be compelled to erase their data regularly. To communicate huge files, users must use Google Drive file links.

Telegram users can send any file up to 2 GB in size with no storage limit.


Groups can have up to 256 members, and the admin can transform the group into a notification center by restricting members’ access.

Up to 2,00,000 members can be added to Telegram, and there are Channels that you can join for notifications or create.


Every WhatsApp communication is encrypted from end to end. The information that users share on the platform will be kept private.

Group and one-on-one chats in Telegram are client-server encrypted, while Secret Chat is end-to-end encrypted, with messages disappearing at the time set by the user.

If you’re looking for features Telegram is better than WhatsApp, but, if security or encryption is important to you, WhatsApp is far superior.

The ball is in your court, now only you can decide which app you will like to go for.

More Tech News coming up.

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