Shatta Wale Needs Us More Than Shatta Mitchy – UK Base Ghanaian Artist, Wizla Finito

Lots was said by Shatta Wale, the Ghanaian musician, concerning his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Shatta Michy. Many are the SM fans who came out to bashed their artist on how and why he did that. As a saying goes, one side of the story cannot make a full story.

Ever since the breakup rumours spread out, Shatta Michy has been posting on her social media walls explaining and expressing herself for people to understand what she’s gone through with Shatta Wale, she goes to the extent that questioning SM fans under her post, she even quizzes them sometimes, I believe a lot of people fell for her emotional state and confrontations and Shatta Movement fans began to point fingers at their artist, believing he never treated their queen healthy.

Shatta Wale on Joy FM recently elucidated to his fans and the world, what he has gone through and how he wanted to place his woman in the corporate world.

Wizla Finito, A UK base Ghanaian Artist and SM soldier, is hurt that SM empire is turning their back at the King because of Michy and have this message for them.

Unedited Message from Wizla Finito to SM Fans

Sometimes SM fans are the reasons why SM will be falling. We no dey support the movement again like we used to do, all we SM fans do now a days is to sit back on the Internet and blame Shatta Wale for things that we don’t understand why and how they happened.

For example, Shatta Wale took in Shatta Mitchy from nowhere and introduced her to us. We accepted Mitchy as our Queen and wish them both well but after Wale made Mitchy a star and she got what she wants, she left our King broken hearted and you are still there supporting Mitchy and laying back on the Empire that introduced her to you. ???

Yes we loved Mitchy because of Shatta Wale, but I won’t choose a childish and wayward girl over a King I have known all these years as a wise man. Please don’t get me wrong and offended, but before you go upset with me on especially my last two sentences, ask yourself how many Ghanaian artist will do even one fourth of what Shatta did for Mitchy for their women???????

This is no joke thing ooh, but asked yourself if Sarkodie ever proposed openly to Stacy on stage in front of his fans before their marriage but Shatta Wale did that for Mitchy at the Reign Album Launch??????

Asked yourself how many of you here have seen Kwaw Kese kissing her wife on stage, ask yourself how many of you here have seen Stonebwoy kissing her wife on stage as a sign of one man, one woman loyalty to his fans. Ask yourself how many of you knows Yaa Pono’s girlfriend not to talk of his wife wife? Ask yourself how many of you knows Samini or Kwabena Kwabena’s wife? But the honest man is always the one who gets hurt by his loved ones all the time.

We sell him out simply because of his relationship with Mitchy going down but we have no idea how much this noble man had suffered at the hands of this childish girl. Trust me, Mitchy will regret all that She had done to Wale and his career maybe not today but she will definitely do so when she is 40 years old. I know people will talk rubbishly but trust me, you have no idea what I am on about. It hurts to see Shatta Wale suffering even when he is pretending that all is Okay but trust me our King needs us all now than ever. SM 4Lyfe is our life. ????

Long Live the King, ?❤?

SM is my Life ??

Dr. Wizla SM Till Casket ??

Maame Dede, Ghtrendinglinks

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