Erica Nweledim has become an internet sensation since her entry into the BBNaija house where she excelled and garnered lots of fans.

The Star Girl has recently won a bumper deal with Star Raddler and Legend.

Her story is a very inspiring one.

Her great feet makes lots of young girls look up to her. It is therefore in the right direction that she shares her thought with her fanbase.

On November 14,2020 she hosted a Zoom meeting with A Girl Project, talking about bodily integrity.

According to the 26 years old actor and model, nobody has the right to question any woman on what she wants to do with her body, what she wears to whereever.

Kuku’s Hairs’ ambassador was asked of how she goes about with negativity online, and she replied saying I laughed and block negative comments.

She said ” My fans are loving people and the people who Insult me are not my fan.”

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