The General Secretary of National Democratic Congress Mr. Aseidu Nketsia, addressing at the recent demonstration organized by all the opposition parties in the country said the Emile Short Commission of Inquiry set by the government is fake and therefore disregard it. The process at which the government took to form the commission to investigate the Ayawaso Waguon bye-election incidence is inappropriate.

Mr. Aseidu Nketsiah said part of the orchestration was a lie, that was told by the police that those perpetrators were not known and deployed by Ghana Police Service. It turned out that the police even came there with SWAT vehicle, was police not aware, he questions? He firmly insisted on the driver been a well-known police officer and the SWAT police vehicle too has not been reported as a missing vehicle. Then he said also a sitting minister of national security has come out to claim responsibility for deploying those securities for causing such carnages. What else does Ghana Police need to apprehend the wrongdoers he questions? The Ghana Police are only working to satisfy their paymasters, Nana Akuffo Addo and Bawumia, he alleged.

According to Mr. Aseidu Nketsia the Ghana Police did their possible best sabotaging their demonstration match by detecting their root, which they rejected, demonstrating their constitutional powers to them and when they could not thrive they quickly rushed announcing the commission of inquiry which was not established according to the laws of the country and therefore condemned it and called the commission fake. I am not a lawyer, but was part of the consultative assembly that put together the constitution, so therefore knows what is written down, “A commission of enquiry can only be established by the president issuing a constitutional instruments, which would have been gazettes and laid before parliament for 21 days before it becomes law and it after that law has been established, then the nominations unto the constitution can be made, he quoted”.

he emphatically stated, the commission of inquiry is fake and consequentially will not allow the government to intimidate them, even if they will fight to be killed, they will do so, rather than condoning this abysmal crime bang up-to-date in the country.

Credit by: Maame Dede

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