Dancehall Artist Stonebwoy, stated categorically, his plan in 2019 is to dedicate the year in promoting his album, which was released on 12 of December, 2017.

“The plan is to stretch the EOM album to make sure every song gets the promotion it seseves. There are songs on the album who haven’t made it yet. If I need to push them with videos, it will be done” – Stonebwoy.

Speaking on Accra-based Hitz FM, the ‘MANE ME’ hitmaker elaborated more on penetrating into the Caribbean and Africa market this year, aiming on doing more collaborations with other foreign artists.

According to Stonebwoy his plan is to infiltrate into the Caribbean, Africa market as an “UNDERDOG” for his music to be sightsaw from Land’s End to John O’Groats (worldwide), even though he’s bigger and a star in Ghana, he will be humbled to be recognized outside his terrain.

“The concentration of the EOM Album was to go into the Caribbean and Africa”.

Stonebwoy yakked of his “EOM” album, he believed to be released in 2020, till then 2019 is more of promoting EOM album and establishing himself well to penetrate into the Carribean and Africa market. He made it known to them he hasn’t released any new song in 2019, just only featured songs that are out there.

“So far its only features that are out. I haven’t released a single in 2019 yet”

You can watch the full video”

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